Sat. Jun 12th, 2021


This Privacy policy exists to inform users of their rights while browsing the site and how their information is collected, managed, and processed for the owner(s) of the site to run the page.
By accessing and continuing to use the site, users agree that they accept all the privacy policy stated here. Users are advised to refer to the Privacy policy from time to time as the site reserves all rights to modify the policy as we see fit without any prior notice.
The site respects and aims to protect the rights of users’ and their privacy. Users’ private information will only be used internally and not sold or shared to third parties. The site, however, uses cookies to collect information to improve and run some of the site’s functionalities. Users can disable this feature at any given time by searching for the cookies feature from their browser settings.
Users are, once again, reminded to re-think what information users are providing the site before submitting any content.