Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Gambling in France: A Brief History

Boost your knowledge in casino promotion through a brief history of gambling in France

Gambling has come a long way since the first slot machine and table game was introduced to the general public in France. While none of us had lived through the period, learning about the history of gambling in France will show us how far the industry has developed since its early days.

Casino Games

You’ll find no short of a variety of casinos while you’re in Europe, specifically France, all thanks to its ever growing popularity within the region. It all begun when Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician invented the French roulette in the 17th century, which has now developed into different variants (click here to read more about the roulette variants ‘American, European and French Roulette: Differences and Variations’.The French equivalent of baccarat, chemin de fer, was also thought to have existed since the 19th century.
That’s not all, as despite all the debates, Blackjack was thought to have originated from France around the 17th century as well. The game was called ‘Vingt-et-Un’ then, which is twenty-one in French. The card game gained popularity among the locals in the region, spreading to the rest of the world initially through French colonists who settled in North America. While rumour also has it that the romans were the ones who invented Blackjack, the different variation of the origin of Blackjack is what makes the game what it is today.

Landed Casinos

Thanks to how the games were well-received by both local and foreign gamblers, landed casinos eventually kicked off around the 18th century. Since then, more than 200 landed casinos have been built and are housing some of the best casino games around the world.
If you look online, you’ll find that you can even find casinos based on regions in France, which is a useful function for anyone planning to travel to France to gamble. While the clusters of casinos are mainly found in the country’s capital city, Paris, you’ll find that landed casinos are really not that difficult to locate in France. Casino promotion is not as prominent in landed casinos, but you’ll still find players flocking to them to feel the thrill of playing in a brick and mortar casino.
One of the most significant change in the history of gambling in France was the legalisation of slot machines in 1988, followed by when the minimum gambling age lowered to 18 from 21. Since then, the scale of landed casinos have grown tremendously. Now, French casinos are housing almost any game you can think of, from table games like Blackjack to slot machines and lottery, they have it all.

Development of Online Casinos

While gambling regulations remain strict in France, the industry remains strong and rakes in billions each year. With online casinos, players can expect to find the same games that would normally be available in a landed casino, if not more. Especially with slot machines, since online slots have more freedom in terms of effect in the gameplay as well as special storylines, it’s difficult to keep up with new trends when it comes to slot themes. Don’t worry if you’re still new to online casinos and don’t want to splurge as much. With all the casino promotion widely available to players, you can be sure to find a promotion well-suited to your style of playing.
This was not always the case however, as slots were only legalised in France around 1988. Since then, it has paved the way for the rest of the games in online casinos. Games like sports betting and poker had also shot up in popularity from then on. There you have it, if you ever visit any casinos in France ‘3 Most Popular Casino Games in France’’, you would have already know a little bit of France’s history in gambling and who knows, these bit of knowledge might help you appreciate the games a bit more.