Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

3 Most Popular Casino Games in France

Casino games you should look out for, as recommended by this casino promotion catalogue

Regardless if you’re planning your next trip to France or you simply want to try out a French casino, knowing which games are popular, as well as if there are any other variants in the country are just as important. French players take their games seriously, so you know that they are selective of the games they play. This casino promotion catalogue contains some of the games popular among players in French casinos.


You’ll find that it’s easy to spot a slot machine whenever you’re at a casino. The same can be said for online casinos, as casinos will easily stock up on thousands of slots just waiting to be played. From mystery-themed to underwater-themed slots, there’s such a wide variety that you can easily find any genre of your liking.
When it comes to French casinos, you can’t just go without trying out their French-themed slot games. While it’s not exclusively only available in French casinos, but rather most of the casinos from the rest of the globe, it’s a nice way to enjoy the experience. Café de Paris and Moulin Rouge slot are some of the games players may begin with.


Blackjack is easily the first game people think of when the word ‘gambling’ or ‘casino’ is mentioned. Not only is the game easy to pick up, it is also popular across the globe, among those include France. If you’ve been playing slots all this while and are thinking of switching to table games, Blackjack will be most players’ first choice.
Other than the game being easy to pick up, most novice players also find it easy to master, which explains its popularity. The strategies used in Blackjack are fairly diverse, one of which includes card counting. While it is not illegal to card count in Blackjack, casinos may try to remove you from the game should they have any sort of suspicion. Players should use this strategy carefully to their advantage without drawing in any attention if they wish to enjoy this game thoroughly.


With its many variants, roulette is also one of the more popular games around France. Apart from the European and American roulette, the French roulette is significantly more dominant within France. If you already know how its European and American counterparts work, you’ll be glad to discover that French roulette is not that different.
In fact, it’s one of the many games you should play if you ever visit a casino in France. Its unique twist to the game will definitely keep players glued to their seats for the next few hours. Take note that the French variant of the roulette table is in French, so you might want to brush up on your French skills or learn a few betting phrases before heading to the casino if you don’t already know the language.

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