Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Grandest French Casinos You Need To Visit For Your Next Vacation

This is No Online Casino Promotion, These Are The Grandest landed French Casinos You’ll love

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for the food, the culture, or simply the beauty of its countryside and city nights, a tour around France simply isn’t complete without a bet or two in the grand casinos tourists will find in France.
Holding a long and illustrious history, France possesses some of the oldest gambling establishments in the world, giving other tourist attractions a run for their money (pun intended). In fact, the Queen that is often found in card decks started in France! If you’re interested in vising these living historical establishments, here are the grandest French casinos you shouldn’t miss!

#1 Casino Le Lyon Vert

Established in 1882, Casino Le Lyon Vert could almost be considered as a part of French culture. Albeit old-fashioned in appearance, this French casino looks like something out of a 90’s movie. Casino Le Lyon vert is not only a casino, but also offers guests a grand hotel, spa, and several restaurants.
Open all year from 10am to 4am, players will be spoilt for choice with hundreds of slot machines as well as different card and dice games. For those who are novices at gambling, fear not! Casino Le Lyon Vert holds free lessons about casino games every Tuesday at 20:45PM, ensuring that players from all walks of life and skill level would be able to enjoy themselves at their casino, even if they aren’t familiar with the games.
Besides its casino, guests of Casino Le Lyon Vert are also able to enjoy a stay in the luxurious, 5-star bedrooms of the hotel, or go on a trip to the spacious spa. As for an exquisite gastronomy experience, guests could also try out scrumptious meals prepared by a Michelin-star chef in the restaurants there. Occasionally, there may be a casino promotion or two that guests would be able to take advantage of- including promotions on hotel rooms, spa trips etc.

#2 Casino Barrière

With 32 establishments in France alone, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Casino Barrière has achieved a reputation for showing their guests a good time. All the casinos have different outlooks, ranging from grand and modern to private and classy, so guests can have their pick of the styles that they resonate with the most.
Players would be thrilled to find that all the establishments have a large range of games to choose form, including slots, table games, and electronic games. Beginners to any of these games wouldn’t have to worry about not understanding how a game works, as pages have been set up on their website to teach players the basics to all the games offered at their casinos.
However, travelers looking to spend a night at the casino’s hotel or unwind in a spa would have to check in advance if the casino they are eyeing comes with hotels and spas. Some of the casinos are standalone establishments, with a restaurant bar attached, but others offer guests luxurious stays with spas and golf courts. As always, look out for casino promotion when they are offered!

#3 Casino Monte-Carlo

This list wouldn’t be complete without including Casino Monte-Carlo! Immortalised by the 2006 movie, Casino Royale, starring the world’s favourite spy, James Bond, movie-lovers and gamblers alike would have to visit this famous casino at least once in their lifetimes.
Technically speaking, Casino Monte-Carlo is not located in France, but in the country next to France- Monaco- but even so, this is one casino that’s worth the journey! At first glance, Monte Carlo could be mistaken for a small castle complete with turrets, towering above everybody and everything.
It’s evident that only the best of the best is served in this casino, and players would find the quality of the games offered in Monte Carlo to be nothing short of the best. From slot machines to Texas Hold’Em, players who enjoy a bit of variety when gaming wouldn’t want to miss this.
Players willing to spend a little more are more than welcome to stay in the deluxe hotel rooms in Monte Carlo, and those willing to indulge themselves could also pay for an unforgettable meal in the restaurants.

In order to fully experience French culture, travellers to France would need to first visit any one of these casinos. However, in the event where none of the aforementioned casinos fit one’s preferences, there are plenty of other casinos in France that would be suitable with all sorts of tastes.
If you’re looking instead for a French online casino, be sure to check out these review sites and forums before registering! Top Forums and Review Sites for French Casinos Newer players might also want to take a look at these welcome bonuses Tantalising Welcome Bonuses That Will Make You Want to Play in These French Casinos-they’re sure to be the best you’ve ever seen!