Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Top Forums and Review Sites for French Casinos

Check out these forums and reviews before signing up in online casinos for the best casino promotion

Just like how you would check out an item’s reviews section before purchasing in online shopping sites, you should also check out an online casino’s review before registration. For this, going to the right forum is crucial to players, as the quality and a certain level of biasness might be in play. Weighing out the pros and cons, as well as analysing some of the players’ overall experience may prove to be beneficial in times like these. Here are some of the top forums players should check out before signing up at any online casino.


Askgamblers is undoubtedly the go-to site for most novice players looking to settle in that perfect casino. The site provides a platform for players to leave reviews or questions, if any, so more players can join in the conversation and hopefully, help solve a few problems. There’s also a feature called ‘AskGambler’s Certificate of Trust’, which helps players identify highly-rated casinos. If you’re looking for a certain type of bonus to kick start your next gameplay, the site has a ‘bonuses’ tab. This tab displays casino promotion like casino bonuses, welcome bonuses ‘Tantalising Welcome Bonuses That Will Make You Want to Play in These French Casinos’,match deposits and more from casinos around the globe for players to choose from.
Had a bad experience in one of the online casinos? Just submit a complaint through the complaints tab and the casino involved will have to solve it within an allocated time. You’ll also be able to view complaints submitted and how casinos respond to that particular complaint to gauge how a particular casino’s customer support sector deals with their customers. At the time of writing, the site has helped over 10,963 players retrieve $29,166,143. If you already have a casino in mind, why not check out this huge database of casino reviews before signing up?

Casinos Europe

If you enjoy both online and brick and mortar casinos, Casinos Europe is the place to go to before you play. The site illustrates the both locations of the casinos in France and the rest of Europe. It’s so comprehensive that you can even discover what casinos there are in a certain region. All the casinos mentioned in the map are equipped with reviews to ease your search for your next go-to casino. From minimum age of entry, entrance fee, to dress code, these reviews cover everything up until the nittygritty details.
The site offers a limited selection, however, on online casinos. Rather than a review, the site offers an overview of the casino by providing information like the total number of games, game providers, types of bonuses, as well as deposit and withdrawal methods at the casino.
What’s different about this site is that they also provide tips on playing certain casino games and a leaderboard of the best slots around that time. You’ll definitely learn a thing or two while visiting this site.

Casino Guru

If you have no idea which online casino to play in yet, Casino Guru has a recommended list to help you get started with. All the casinos under this tab have a reputation rating of over 7.5 out of 10, and players can sort this list according to best rated, recently opened, oldest casinos and recently added. Unlike other forums, this site prefers to write a short review, paired with a table underneath to list out the different languages available, payment methods, as well as different types of bonuses. Don’t worry, as the casino promotion will be listed out in details for players make comparisons. Casino review sites know how important promotions are to players. The reviews also come with interesting facts and pros and cons of the casino.
Thanks to Casino Guru’s newly launched ‘complaints’ tab, there will be a complaints section beneath the casino’s review, showing the number of complaints submitted since the founding date of the casino, as well as black points, where casinos will earn if they do not rectify a complaint properly. Players can be rest-assured that only the best casinos will be recommended to you.

While there are numerous reviews for casinos out there, for both online and landed casinos, it’s important for players to sift through information from several sites before registering to get a broader overview of the casino.